Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More than Knots Hold Things Together

I've been asked about how I attach knots to my hair barrettes. The knots are actually knotted onto the barrette and then held in place so it doesn't slide up and down the barrette with a really strong epoxy glue.

The epoxy glue used is a two parter especially mixed for things like glass and metal. It's the stuff that can hold a plate together if it's been shattered so holding a fabric knot in place on a metal barrette should be a breeze for it! :-)

The peeps at Bostik have a factsheet on their epoxy bond for any other hobbyists/handmade enthusiasts considering giving this glue a go.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Basic Knot

The basic knot is the one that holds everything together. As it is the starting point of whatever else we are tying, it's always good to get it right.

So hopefully, as I go about setting up my first ever online store, I'm getting its basic knot right - interesting hand-knotted jewelry and accessories peeps would like to buy, friendly and fun customer service and everyone having a great time overall.

Anyhoos, here's where I'll be posting updates about the things I'm selling as well as promotions and other good stuff like that. Enjoy reading!